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Core roles

Role Responsibilities People responsible
File server admin Upgrade/maintain SurfLab file server, add new users (user accounts + samba accounts for local Windows access). Documentation in geogp/docs. Ashish
SurfLab Computer admin 1) Install/upgrade/maintain other lab-controlled machines (could have a different person for Windows XP, Vista, and SuSE).
2) Ordering/configuring new machines (should be more than one person).
Ashish, Young In, Minho
Webmaster Maintain/update regular site, maintain wiki (including enabling necessary features), create new wiki users, etc. Ashish; will pass on to Jianhua
Mentoring junior students Help junior students get their bearings and brainstorm for ideas, etc. Typically some senior students.
CSE313 Admin If CSE313 splits off as SurfLab-controlled, then we need an (active?) admin for that. Linux machines should be upgraded more often and drivers kept up-to-date. A number of latest DirectX SDKs should be available on the Windows machines. Not yet applicable.


Project People responsible
Young In
N-sided patches on GPU
(still to be posted)
(with Astronomy Dept.)
Young In
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